An Inconvenient Truth or A Convenient Fabrication?

The Non-Crisis Of Man Made Global Warming and 
Why We Are Powerless To Change The Climate

by Charles S. Opalek, PE

The definitive response to the errors and omissions of An Inconvenient Truth

This is the book which knocks all the legs out from underneath the nonsense of man made global warming, including how:
Global Warming is Big Business.  The news media, corporations, researchers, bureaucrats, tax collectors, governments, rip-off artists, and entrepreneurs are lining up in a profit-feeding frenzy from this contrived non-crisis.  And the poster-boy for this charade and chief benefactor is non-other than Al Gore.

If you are:
of the neverending stream of gloom and doom in the newspapers, magazines, and television -
fed up with the relentless barrage of guilt being dumped on you as a climate wrecker and planet basher -
doubtful of the supposed scientific 'consensus',
      suspicious of the dogma, and paganism -

      and need a source to refute all the claims of manmade global warming -
Then A Convenient Fabrication is the book for you.

To order your copy go to  A CONVENIENT FABRICATION: 286 pages, 6" x 9", perfect bound, black and white, soft cover for $21.94, or download for $3.75.

About the Author: Charles S. Opalek is a registered Professional Engineer with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has been practicing engineering since 1965, and has been in private practice since 1987.  Much of his background was in power generation. He is an active consulting engineer to architects, designing heating, ventilating, and air conditioning, plumbing and electrical systems for industrial, commercial and residential projects.

Web Page Errata
second bullet: "...shortwave..." read "...longwave..."

Book Errata

page 17, line 13:" read ""
page 24, line 3: add sentence "Respiration from vegetation contribute 60 Gt."
page 24, fig 2b; "62.4" read "121.3", and add "60 Gt respiration from vegetation".
page 29, line 26: delete second "is".
Page 37, line ...: "157.1" read "215.5".
pages 38, 46 & 251: 57% read "vegetation respiration"; 38% read "oceans".
pages 51, 142, 143, 281, 282: "Gaekel" read "Gakkel"
page 85, line 15: "se" read "set"
page 131, line 21: after "advocating" add "of".
pag 238, line 2: delete "jet"
page 243, line 31: "..uroclor.." read "..eurochlor.."
page 262, last line: "it" read "it's"

Updated 08-26-08

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